Picking a competition bikini while you are still dropping weight

The right bikini can help to showcase your hard work (and hard body) when you enter a bodybuilding competition. When you are looking to buy a bikini for an upcoming bodybuilding competition you need to order a few weeks out so that the suit can be completed in time for the comp, but you may still be looking to drop those final few kilograms in these last weeks. Here are some tips on choosing a bikini when you are still dropping weight. 

Take an honest look at your body

When you are looking to slim down it's a good idea to take an honest look at your body to see where the weight is likely to come off. For women some common places to have excess fat can be in the thighs, abdomen and upper arms. Unfortunately, the breasts are also primarily fat and can be another place that people lose weight in pre-competition weight loss. By looking at your body you can see where you are likely to lose weight and this can help you to make a sensible decision about the size and style of bikini you are buying.

Look for adjustable options

Generally, the main material in competition bikinis is heavy and opaque to give maximum sparkly impact (and no peek-through) on stage and this is not particularly adaptable to changes in weight. However, there are some options that can be more adjustable. 

While a tie bikini can often not be that flattering on stage, some bikini bottoms have a slight stretch in the connector between the front and back section which can allow the bikini to adjust if you lose a little weight around the hips. You can also choose a bikini top with an adjustable or elasticated back strap which can allow some extra flexibility for weight changes as well as volume changes when you are flexing your back muscles. 

Chat with the bikini supplier

Competition bikini suppliers are very used to the challenges of dropping weight for a competition and can often work with you to choose a bikini that will fit you correctly, as well as offering fit options including padding which can help your suit to fit perfectly. They can often use their experience to come up with appropriate adjustments to the bikini.

Good luck with the competition. With a great bikini to flatter your body, you'll be sure to get the best possible placing. Check out places like Fuchsia By Alex for some more ideas on buying your competition bikini.